November 14, 2006

Customer Service Counts!

I don't know how many of you have been frustrated by calling a customer service line only to discover that you are talking to someone in another country. That alone is not a problem. The problem is when you have to yell into the phone because the rep cannot hear you. Or perhaps the phone line has so much static you can't hear them. Or perhaps it's because you are put on hold forever only to have them not solve your problem.

What about inane policies that truly make it impossible to get the kind of service you need. Like tranferring a phone number to a new service. It is supposed to be rather simple. Another difficulty is canceling a service. One major internet service provider required a signed paper that had to be faxed to a turned off fax machine (of which the CSR claimed to have no knowledge until I told them to look around the office for one).

Developing a customer service plan for your company is important. My philosophy is to keep it simple and straight forward. Unfortunately, in today's world you can't reach across the fence and shake hands on a deal. You have to sign a mountain of paperwork with contingencies and back doors. The value of honesty and good faith are eroding away. What to do?

BTW, I am searching for a new phone service and you can bet I will be calling the customer service line to see what is on the other end.

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  1. At the level it is now in the industry, customer service is essentially a compilation of empty promises - there simply aren't enough qualified service technicians to service the needs of everyone who uses their product. The problem can't be resolved unless the customer service industry changes their methods. Service companies need to reconsider where they're investing their customer service buck - placing more emphasis on upgrading infrastructure and utilizing time-saving software capabilities and less on what they've been investing in - obviously, it hasn't been working.