March 30, 2007

A Spring Fashion Line

I love spring colors and fabrics. The colors and textures seem so new and fresh after a long, colorless winter season. I received some fabric swatches from FashionFabricClub yesterday.

I picked five of the swatches to play around with. If I were to create a spring line of five pieces, this might be a good starting point. The swatches are (left to right): cotton lawn print, pink linen blend, cotton stretch sateen, cotton broadcloth print, and a lime green linen blend. This swatch grouping tells a story, and yet they are related.

I can see some nice infant/toddler dresses. The dresses could be out of the prints with touches of the other fabrics. Or perhaps some two piece sets - some sleeveless tops and crop pants or shorts. Add some nice embroideries and embellisments. These would be great in a boutique. I can forecast the retail/wholesale prices I would need to hit.

If I were to start a line, this is a good place to start. Unfortunately, I am currently holding tight to baby accessories for now. Build that core business and then branch out. Oh, but it is so tempting to play around with the ideas now!

There are a few considerations when starting a small line. I chose 5 fabrics. That means meeting 4 different minimums (it may be possible to combine the pink and lime linen fabrics from the same source). It would help to repeat 1-2 fabrics in all of the styles. Prints have higher minimums - hot prints sell out of sample yardage fast. With some effort, I may be able to wittle down to only needing three fabrics. Oh this is too much fun!

And, of course, if I were to start a line I would really need about 1 year to prepare. That means showing in the Jan/Feb trade shows of 2008 and with fall/holiday goods.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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