April 05, 2007

The Death of Home Ec

I was asked by a teacher friend to speak to two of her classes about starting a business. The school is an under-privileged rural school and the kids really need extra motivation. Some of them are very bright, but others are clearly discouraged. I spoke to the foods class and the entrepreneurial class. They were very small, 3 kids each. I spoke to one girl in the fashion sewing class.

I was excited to do this. The kids have so much potential and some of them responded with enthusiasm and clearly defined goals. I think they will go far.

The sad news is this school is closing their Home Ec. department. Home Ec. incorporates so much more than sewing. They teach basic life skills. The kind of skills not taught at home anymore like balancing a checkbook, child care, sewing on a button, basic cooking.

Even though I enjoyed speaking to the kids, I was disappointed of the department closure. The closure follows the trend of downsizing and closing Home Ec. departments across the U.S. How is it where you live?

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