July 13, 2007

Another Project Update

July has turned into a rather difficult month and it has been hard to focus on my blog. Here is a quick update on some of my projects:

Boys shirt pattern fix
I discovered I don't have a RTW shirt in the right size to compare for measurements. I will have to head to the store with a tape measure to get a better idea on how much ease should be included. The Butterick pattern was too long and too wide so I will be making adjustments on my patterns someday.

Basic Pattern blocks
I have made some more progress on my basic pattern blocks. It is important to take the time to measure your graded pieces to see if the grading looks consistent. I graded my infant bodice patterns using Handford's grading book and there are a few adjustments to make so that my patterns are a little easier to work with. Some of my back neck to waist measurements were in 1/8" increments. I find it easier to have those measurements rounded to the nearest 1/4". I also altered the grading for a little more consistency. This doesn't mean that Handford is wrong and I am right. It is simply a change for my preferences. There are no exact body measurements that everyone will agree on. It is only important to fall within an acceptable range.

BTW, I measured my patterns without seam allowances or finished measurements. These measurements can be used for quality control checks and spec packages in the future.

I am still waiting on these to come back from the quilter. Hopefully I will have these soon.

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