July 30, 2007

Baby Bling Gone Too Far

Baby bling is a trend I haven't quite figured out. Some designers are putting glitzy sparkly things, sequins, and crystals on common utilitarian clothing and accessories. In one case, they even put crystals on baby pacifiers. The CPSC has issued a recall.

Just a couple of observations about this recall. All of the companies that sold this product sold them on Ebay and Etsy. I have been watching baby product trends on Ebay, and just recently Etsy, for a while now. What usually happens is someone introduces a new idea or product and it is quickly copied by others. I don't know who did it first, but I am sure this is what happened here. The companies were so quick to get to market they failed to think about the safety of the product. The idea may be "cute" or the latest trend, but gluing little crystals on a product that babies put in their mouth should have been a warning sign.

I have similar concerns about other products with glued on crystals. Crystals are known to fall off of t-shirts when washed and what baby tee doesn't need washing? Is mom really going to wash a tee by hand? Not to mention that some adhesives (the good strong ones) can be toxic if ingested. What about those hair clips with glued on sequins? Babies will put just about anything in their mouth if given the opportunity.

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  1. That is not good at all. The children's market is really trying to make children to be little adults instead of letting them be beautiful imaginative children. I so agree with you bling does not go with babies, that just spells trouble.