July 19, 2007

Basic Marketing

A book came into the library called Basic Marketing, 12th edition. It is a textbook for a Marketing 101 class. The currently available edition is 16. The 12th edition doesn't really delve into internet marketing, but I am really looking for general tips on marketing and advertising anyway.

I have only started the first chapter and it will take me a long time to finish it. The books weighs in at a hefty 800 pages. The authors take the point of view that marketing does not equal advertising. Rather marketing encompasses everything from product development, deployment, and of course advertising. In the real world I don't think marketing can be so encompassing, although it does have a part to play.

As an employee of a few design companies there was nothing more frustrating than dealing with the marketing department. A product idea comes from a group of salesmen sitting around a table trying to push sales up. Or perhaps a salesman comes in with a good selling design and then asks the design department to come up with 12 more similar designs. Um yeah.

I can go on about the relationships between the marketing department and the design department. As a small design company, those roles get condensed and are sometimes handled by just a few people (maybe even one). Brushing up some skills and learning some new is always a good thing.

BTW, the new edition is too pricy. See if your local library has a copy. Hopefully, once July is past, I can get back on track with more design related posts.

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  1. Marketing can be tricky I got a Bachelor's degree in it and I'm still not sure what I learned...Good Luck with the business

    PS: All Marketing is Basic that's one thing I did learn.