July 31, 2007

Give A Baby A Brand

Naming a new baby seems to be a difficult thing these days. Some parents go to extremes to name their child with non-traditional names, especially celebrities. An article from a UK newspaper called, "The baby's called what?" illustrates the point very well. It is an interesting idea - your name becomes your personal brand.

The baby clothing market is getting crowded and it is becoming more difficult to find a brand name that conveys the intended meaning. I have been searching and brainstorming for months on possible brand names for a line still in development. Tiny Packages is my store and company name but I want to introduce a new brand that is separate. The task has turned more difficult than I would like. I find myself looking at more unusual and exotic ideas that reach beyond my intended mood or message. Perhaps I will pin ideas to a dart board and go with what the dart picks?

1 comment:

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