July 23, 2007

July's Report on Children's Safety

Before I get too far into the latest recalls, I have a survey on the right side of the screen. I need your feedback on bibs. So please choose your preferred bib closure - snaps, buttons, velcro, or ties. Your answers will be used in future product development. You can leave comments about bibs below. We appreciate customer opinions!

There have been numerous recalls of Children's products over the last few months. You can view all of the recalls at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. There have been too many recalls to detail them all here, but here are some highlights. BTW, nearly all of the recalled products came from China, except for one below. This raises serious safety and quality concerns about manufacturing child related products in China.

There have been several more recalls for items containing lead. What is surprising is that lead is showing up in more than children's jewelry, although that is still the most likely culprit. Usually, the recalled jewelry is painted metal or plain metal necklaces and bracelets. Lead is now showing up in other places. These bracelets, painted metal bands, do not look like the typical recalled jewelry. Some children's garden gloves were simply stamped with paint containing lead. It is probably safe to say that any metal or painted metal object coming from China should be tested for lead. Nearly all recalls for lead have come from China except for one that came from India.

There are have been several recalls for choking hazards. Zipper pulls, decorations that fall off, and snaps pulling out, are things to check for when doing quality checks.

A couple of very dangerous products have been recalled. One item had kerosene! The CPSC has expanded the warning about products containing magnets.

Finally, there has been yet another recall for drawstrings.

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