August 21, 2007

Do you want to design your own fabric print?

Designing your own fabric print can do a lot of things for your line. It can add to the look and overall brand value to have an exclusive and easily identifiable print. There are some drawbacks. Fabric minimums with your print can run into 3,000 yards. Some mills will do it for less, but the price is high. Some print houses have moved offshore, and that means importing. Some print houses bring in their greige goods (unfinished fabric) and store it in warehouses in LA. The benefit to this arrangement is you can receive your fabric quickly. Ask a lot of questions if going down this road.

For many years printed goods nearly disappeared in children's clothing. The cost of printed goods rose and several mills went out of business. Thankfully, we are starting to see a return to prints in children's clothing. Scott, a friend of mine, designs his own fabric that he sells exclusively in his online store Blackpearl Designs. He is working on a new print design and he is blogging about it. Even though his prints are not necessarily for children, the process would be similar for anyone. He talks about fabric selection and design - worth checking out!

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