August 29, 2007

Fabric Design and Sourcing pt. 2

I am working on some blog articles about grading and the CPSC, but I have been soo busy lately. DH is in the midst of a new job search and I am in the midst of designing my fall dresses (which should have been done 4 weeks ago. And of course, I bought more fabric yesterday for a holiday dress. Can we say stress?

Please forgive me for leaning on Scott, from Blackpearl Designs, who has updated his blog about his fabric design/sourcing project. He discusses some interesting things about fabric quality based on the factory location and minimums. He found a source in Japan with good quality and decent minimums. Very interesting. (Plus Scott will sell me some of his fabrics for dresses that I will have in Spring/Summer, so I am excited to see what he has come up with).

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