September 11, 2007

Lots of blankets

I am still here and very busy. Over the last few days I have been hemstitching a large local order of flannel blankets. If you can believe it, there are 15 blankets laying there. Each blanket took about 15-20 minutes to stitch because I am still getting thread breakage with the left needle. I think the problem is a dull needle - and I desperately need to order some more. I am trying to hold out with the last three size 14's that I have because a box of 100 needles costs me about $80.

Anyway, these blankets are finally ready for finishing work - clipping threads and pressing. There were some fun prints in this batch like the camo-safari combo. The red check did make my eyes cross though.

I made some progress with my manual grading projects. I am faster, except for when I find errors. I had to back track and fix my basic block in two sizes. Should have checked things a lot closer originally. Anyway, fixed the problem and nearly finished up grading a new style. Next up are toddler patterns, but I have to sew up a fit sample to make sure it actually works. My to-do list keeps growing by leaps and bounds....

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