September 07, 2007

A Newspaper Pattern

Imagine my surprise when I finally opened up one of my vintage patterns, 3 years after picking it up at a thrift store! Inside was a newspaper pattern of a bodice. The sewist wanted a square neck and she used readily available paper to achieve it. I love this. It shows the thrift and resourcefulness of everyday people in a time when sewing clothing did save money.

The pattern dates to about 1949 because of one article that mentions a 1949 Chevy. One of the main articles is about Harry S. Truman congratulating Winston Churchill about a political victory. On the left is an advertisement for shirts, average price is $4.50! I know this pattern is made from a Southeast Idaho newspaper, probably from Idaho Falls. The paper has aged very little and has probably lived in the envelope for the last 57 years. Unfortunately, it is starting to turn the pattern instruction sheet yellow because of the acid in the paper and it must be separated from the pattern envelope. What to do with it?

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