September 19, 2007

Ready for a photoshoot

Harvest is in full swing in my area. Here is my recent pickings of okra, roma tomatoes, and green beans. My romas are just now starting to turn red after waiting all summer for them. Our first real frost is this weekend and I may be picking a lot of green tomatoes. And yes, you can grow okra in the northern rockies. I ordered a northern variety from a seed catalog. We didn't get as much okra as I thought we would, definitely a plant that loves hot weather!

I am finally ready for my photo shoot. I have spent the last few days re-working some of my toddler patterns and sewing up some samples. The red dress is part of my holiday line. My hope is to do a fitting and photo shoot at the same time. I always have the parent put the dress on the child. This way I can see if there are any difficulties with ease in dressing, trims getting in the way, etc. My photo shoot is at another location so I have an emergency bag of supplies for just in case.

I schedule my photo shoots either early in the morning or after a nap. Young children seem more cooperative and happy that way. I always keep my shoots to one hour or less.

Here are my emergency supplies:
  • Tape Measure
  • Paper & Pen
  • Safety Pins
  • Simple props
  • Extra batteries for camera

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