September 04, 2007

A reversible dress patent

On my previous blog about a bib patent, I used the USPTO to search through patents. Well, their search tools are not very good and you are required to install a dated TIFF image viewer to view drawings. Thanks to Google, there is a better way. Google Patent search is faster, more accurate, and easier. Plus, there is no need to install an image viewer.

Anyway, browsing through some baby related patents, I found a patent for a reversible dress from 1927. I couldn't wrap my head around some of the technical drawings. Looking at the basic flat drawing of the dress, the construction does not appear too complicated. I doubt this exact dress could be produced today. It appears to have a lot of labor in it.

Another interesting thing, the patent filing was 1927, but not completed until 1932. Today, the fashion cycle moves much too fast to make a patent like this of any value. Five years is a long time for fashion inspired items to persist. I would like to go back in time and ask Anna J. Greenwich of Chicago, Illinois if filing this patent was worth it.

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