November 23, 2007

Bark Cloth Tote-Purse

This is a Day 5/17 combo project. I adapted the Pink October Tote Bag Pattern to make this:

The pattern was adapted to be much smaller - the dimensions were based on the amount of fabric I had. The tote-purse is made from less than 1/3 yard. The fabric is bark cloth from Hawaii. The fabric is great because it looks like a traditional basket pattern. I added cardboard to the bottom to help it stand up.

I have to say I am kind of proud of this one - I kept notes as I went in case I want to make it again. (I want this for myself so I am kind of jealous of the recipient!)

A peak inside at the tropical print lining.

I have just enough bark cloth left to make a matching checkbook cover or wallet. Hmm..... I could make this the combo gift for Day 30....

1 comment:

  1. Hi Esther! I love your tote! Thank you for mentioning my free pattern. I am glad you liked making it and I think you'll agree ... once you make one you get inspired to make bunches more! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!