December 04, 2007

Origami Boxes

Still working on the Handmade Holidays - though the challenge is now over. I have several gifts to still churn out in the next two weeks. There is never enough time, is there?

Anyway for Day 30, Gift Compilations, I made origami boxes from scrapbooking paper.

The boxes on the left will be filled with goodies - probably a combo of store bought/homemade. The boxes on the right will eventually find there way into the store. I have been trying to figure out some clever packaging that could double for gift presentation. The blue box holds a bib and the flat pink box holds 2 burp cloths. They color coordinate with the product inside. All they need is some pretty ribbon and a gift tag/card. I am especially proud of the flat pink box since I worked out that folding method on my own (believe me, I am a complete origami amateur!). Wouldn't they be great gifts for a baby shower?

I am still working out all the nit picky details, but it should be available in the store in January. How does one ship paper boxes without them getting squished? What size boxes? Not to mention a good source for bulk scrapbooking paper at a decent price. (Why is it scrapbooking supplies are so completely overpriced?).

Anyway, it was a fun morning. I think I have become addicted to origami - boxes, that is.

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