December 21, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It's a winter wonderland here in the mountains. We received a healthy 6+ inches of snow in town. After two weeks of almost no sunshine we received a nice break this morning. More snow is on the way, so we are enjoying the scenery.

I live across the street from a car dealership. I always wondered what they did after a big snow storm. The sales guys come early to clean the cars off and then move them all of to the back of the lot. Then they wait for a snow plow contractor (usually a guy in a rusty old truck with a blade attached to the front) to move the snow out of the way. The cars are then all moved back to the front of the lot. The sales guys, at least around here, rarely wear a shirt and tie. They are very casual since their biggest customers are farmers looking for work trucks. Anyway, on days like this they are even more dressed down wearing insulated overalls and such (Gee, I guess car salesmen really do work for a living...). Anyway, I missed them moving the cars, but here is a look at all the cars expectantly waiting for the snow plow. One even still has its lights on so it can see better.

I have been stuck in the Design Loft either wasting time on the computer or grading patterns - mostly just counting down the time until the holidays. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

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