February 29, 2008

Design Loft Near Disaster #1

It was one of those days. I had to glue a silk flower to a pinback. El cheapo glue gun was on it's shelf, but the extra glue sticks were no where to be found. I checked the craft drawers about 10 times, tore everything out of the supply closet, searched under beds, in kitchen drawers. They were no where. DH offered the humble suggestion that I should just run down to the store about a block away and buy some more. But see, that would be too easy. Besides I already own glue sticks and I was not buying anymore.

Three hours of wasted time later, I finally pulled the craft drawers out and dumped them on the floor and craft table.

There amidst knitting needles, spools of thread, ribbon, and general whatnot, were the glue sticks hiding from me. But I saw one little corner sticking out and victory was mine! The flower was glued to the pinback and the dress shipped off.

Now the ammo and El Cheapo are stored in the same drawer.

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