February 26, 2008

Drawstrings and Child Safety pt. 2

Back in December I wrote a blog entry about the need for standards for ties - ties on bibs, waistlines, etc. I never gave up on the project but the holidays got in the way. It took me a bit longer to write the letter and decide to send it to ASTM first. ASTM accepts ideas for product standards which can then be voluntarily adopted by the industry (I would rather see the industry solve the problem instead of government mandates). It took a little detective work to find the name of the person to whom I should submit my letter.

Anyway, the letter is now in the mail and we will see what comes of it. The CPSC may be next.

In the loft, I played around with my blog header. If you are reading this in some kind of blog reader, please click through and tell me what you think. I really had other things to do instead of playing around in Paint Shop Pro. Nothing like putting off a difficult task, KWIM?

That difficult task is adding sizes 4-6x to my line. I planned on doing it eventually, but I guess sooner is better than later. Adding these sizes disrupts my work flow. My sample sizes may change, the grading changes, etc. I may blog about this some more after I have decided how it will all break down. You could call this process analysis paralysis because I get stuck in lots of little details.

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