February 22, 2008

Thanks to Sophy, I am committed

Well sort of. Sophy is the name of the fabric for my first style for Fall 2008. It is the pretty blue floral fabric I received in my last shipment. That fabric spoke volumes to me - it encompasses so much of what I want Prairie Roses to look and feel like. I think I will carry the name over into the web store. Of course, the style has a style number as that is how I really keep track of it. Customers like names though....

Anyway, Sophy (aka pretty blue fabric), will be the main dress of the line/group. Really, my line will be more of a grouping of related pieces that can be mixed & matched, layered, etc. A line implies 5-7 related, but stand alone pieces. Sophy is the foundation piece and it is sketched on a style sheet with assigned style number. Hence, the reason I feel committed to the group. It is one of the simpler pieces - gotta start nice and easy, ya know. Commitment is a big thing.

Anyway, enough with the fashion designer lingo and psycho-babble. I am seriously considering adding sizes 4-6x. Look for a poll coming next week about sizing.... In the mean time leave your comments below.

Would you like to see 4-6x sizing?


  1. Yes for 4-6X! Alan at www.Corkynation.com. There is less competition and most all miss the fact that 4-6X is roughly age 3 to 5 which is kindergarten and under, so toddler styles translate well. I suggest you consider 7 and 8 also. You won't sell very many on opening orders, but these are two very sought after sizes in reorders! I just gave your blog a thumbs up on stumbleupon. I hope it drives some good traffic because you have a nice blog. Alan

  2. Good luck Esther. It's easier than adding another collection, just some computer grading and presto!

  3. Thanks for your comments! I know I probably should, but it adds another layer of work for the next season.