March 19, 2008

Confessions of A Little House on the Prairie

It is funny how designs sometimes evolve. I started the collection based on the design that popped into my head when I purchased the fabric. Now that I see my Sophy Collection for Fall 2008, I can see it has a strong Little House feel. I am only a few pieces away from having the collection complete. It may be available sooner than I had planned, but it all depends on how fast I can get the patterns graded. Anyway, my brand and line is part Jane Austen, part Little House. It is my inner yearning for a simpler time where people were honest and hard working. I like my shower and warm bed so I won't be jumping into a time portal anytime soon. But there is so much missing from modern life that one can't help but romanticize about the past.

Anyway, this blog entry is all about Little House on the Prairie. I am not sure how I stumbled onto Dean Butler's blog (aka "Manly" from the tv show), but he has apparently been working on a series of documentaries about the tv show and the real Laura Ingalls Wilder. I watched most of the tv show in reruns, but I can still remember the very last episode. I cut out the newspaper article about the town being blown up and pinned it on my bedroom wall for years. I bawled my eyes out when the show was canceled and the town was obliterated. Looking back I see how dumb an ending it was. Anyway, I still have that little bit of nostalgia for all things related to the show and the real Laura Ingalls.

So maybe this is a little bit lazy posting today, but here is the trailer for one of the documentaries that Dean Butler has been working on - now available. There are many more youtube links for all things Little House, so look for the reunion videos from 2007 to see some of the stars. Alison Arngrim is a hoot. DH rolled his eyes when I mentioned a Little House theme road trip. Of course, that may not be as nerdly as a Star Trek convention.

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    I, too, love Little House on the I wish we lived in simpler times.

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