March 24, 2008

Design Loft Disaster #2: Ugly Bathroom Contest

Just wanted to let everyone know that posting will be sporadic for the next little while. I have started a major/minor home improvement project, must finish up my taxes, and otherwise contemplate my navel.

The linoleum (yes, I said linoleum) shower was inherited from previous owners. The linoleum was glued to the backside of masonite, exterior siding. None of it up to code or water tight. Surprisingly I have found very little mold. Still, I keep wondering what ends up in the air during demolition.

The demolition, by the way, is going slow. Masonite siding is extremely difficult to remove. At least with my wimpy hammer and puny muscles. The floor has painted concrete.

Eventually, this will be a beautifully tiled, custom shower.

Did I mention we are getting new plumbing put in for the whole house in a few weeks? It was one of those things that we might as well do with all of the walls open. We have lovely 50 year old galvanized pipe just threatening to leak in a major way. I have to schedule the plumber for now because we won't be able to get him later.

Do I need to say anything about taxes? I actually have them filed and then discovered I made a mistake - owing to the fact I changed entities last year. Grrr. That means filing an amendment, but I get three years to do that (I don't plan on taking that long, but just in case). Anyhoo, my head was about to explode this morning as I reviewed the needed paperwork.

Anyway, the contemplating my navel part.... that is one way of me evaluating my business goals. What needs changing, where do I go from here?

Anyway, today had the makings of a disaster kind of day. I think I will take some tylenol and a nap....

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