March 17, 2008

Petticoat Twirls and Blog Announcement

It always feels good to cross things off my to-do list that have been languishing there for weeks. Last week 2 items were crossed off and it feels great. The first was to make a petticoat for my dresses to be used during photo shoots. At this point, I am not offering petticoats in the shop - eventually I will. This petticoat is very full and stiff. Probably too full, but it does make my dresses look pretty on the form.

I should have dialed down the gathers but that would mean adjusting my perfectly set ruffler for my dresses. Petticoats will be offered in the store after I upgrade my equipment. I can't imagine gathering yards of petticoat ruffles with my ruffler. It would be enough to drive anyone crazy! Anyway, I cut the slip just short enough to add a 1" eyelet trim on the bottom hem, but that is probably overkill for the photos, especially when it won't be seen.

Now for a blog announcement. I have decided to add a trial run of a weekly feature that is all about girl's dresses. If you make or design girl's dresses or collect vintage patterns that feature girl's dresses then send me your info. News items and info bits on girl's dresses will also be included. The primary focus will be on handmade, but I will consider Etsy and Ebay designers too. This blog feature is to support and talk about girls' dress design. Here are the guidelines:

1. Submit info/news/designs for girl's dresses. No hair bows, shoes, t-shirts, jewelry, etc.
2. Link for a photo that you have taken yourself. Your link/photo submission gives me permission to post it on this blog.
3. Provide a brief synopsis about the design - why, how, with what. Lengthy descriptions may be edited. Include your name and link.
4. Press releases about stores, online boutiques, and product launches will be trashed, with few exceptions.

The first Girls Dress Extravaganza will be launched on Friday, March 21st. Send your info to designloft at prairieroses dot com. If this turns out to be a popular feature, it will turn into a regular feature.

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