April 01, 2008

Design Loft Disaster #2.1

If anyone is considering a career change, please consider plumbing. People are willing to pay obscene (obscene!) amounts of money to not have leaky shut off valves and pipes. The local plumber has far more work than they can handle - which means there is a possible career opportunity here. Really, please take this seriously. Plumbers may have a yucky job, but we're talking job security and great pay. In any event, the planets have aligned properly and I now have an appointment to fix this mess. (This is almost on par with repairing dubious framing by previous owners). Anyway, I promise no more bath remodeling pics - at least not until the job is done. Am I the only one that also has to clean the house from top to bottom before the plumbers come into to do their job?

I promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming in a week or so. If you are dying for design related info, Kathleen has been doing a series on developing grades for children's clothes. Her series comes complete with a free measurement chart (links to a pdf). This chart is from the 1970's but it is far better than the chart from ASTM which you have to buy. Many, many companies use the free chart as a starting point, including many big box retailers.


  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    oh Esther...

    I was thinking the same thing last time a plumber was to my house--they made MAD MONEY!!!! And the demand for their services is never ending. I tell ya, we're in the wrong line of business...LOL!

    With friendship,

  2. I just got the bill for the job. The plumbing apprentice makes $25/hour, the journeyman plumber $50, and the master plumber $100/hr!