April 24, 2008

Sophy update

DH and I watched this little bird for a few hours this morning. It really acted confused and a bit cold - seeing as there is 2 inches of snow on the ground. The bird and his (or is it her) buddies had trouble finding food. We probably should look into putting up some bird feeders.... I am not confused so much as frustrated. It is after all April 24th!

In the mean time I have started grading the styles in my Sophy collection. Thankfully, only two pieces need grading. I did my fitting a week ago and none of my pieces needed to be adjusted. I do have an elastic waist skirt coming. I really wanted to have the adjustable elastic, but it is 4 times the cost of regular elastic. I think, perhaps, in my holiday collection - which I need to get started on. I do plan on adding 4-6x sizes, but I have only just started working on that. The basic block pattern is ready, it just needs grading. And then I will have to draft and grade all the styles I want to offer in that range. Lots of tedious, mind numbing work..... It will eventually get done though. I am ready for a CAD system. I am learning a lot by doing it all by hand, but I am tired of it.....

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