May 07, 2008

A dress for my Niece....

The Sophy Collection is pretty well ready to launch on my website - the grading is all done. In fact, if you rummage around, you can find the Sophy Dress (I guess it's not cheating if I link to it ;) ). Anyway, the plan for today was to take more pictures, but the weather is not cooperating. I need a bright, sunny day to make best use of natural lighting. No luck today, what with the rain. At least it's rain and not snow! I will do a blog posting once all the products are live.

Once again, the last bit of grading drove me crazy. I find it more difficult to maintain precision and accuracy when doing things entirely by hand. I had to check, double check, and re-do some of the grading. In some ways CAD makes it easier to be lazy on some steps. I have graded with CAD for a long time now and certain procedures and steps are ingrained in me. Give me a pencil and my eyeballs and hands don't know what to do, but my brain is still going through the steps taken in CAD. Not that any of it is all that difficult - just more tedious. Thankfully, it is done now.

The project on tap for today is to start a new dress for my niece made from this fabric:

The buttons come from her Great Grandma's button box. I love the print and color but it was difficult to match it with trims. I think these buttons work. Does anyone else save buttons? I think I inherited my grandmother's habit of saving buttons. It is kind of fun to include them in a new project.

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