June 03, 2008

Oregon Trail Reenactment

The month of June will have rather random postings. This month is Summer Reading at the library and we have an average attendance of 300+ children. So it's all hands on deck. Actually, our library has received state recognition (informally) for the success of our summer reading program and it is fun to be a part of such a well received event.

Anyway, I literally live on top of the Oregon Trail. I don't usually think much about it, although perhaps I should. I have windows in my workspace that look out at the highway and I see all kinds of interesting things going down the road. Usually it is heavy equipment headed to the oil fields in western Wyoming or the mines in the area. Most of the time it is speeding semi's and very interesting farm equipment. Today, I happened to look out the windows at exactly the right moment to catch a wagon train going by. In the years I have lived here, I have never seen covered wagons. It would be a cool if there were local Oregon trail reenactments every years, though I don't know of any.

This was a rather odd looking wagon with little trailer tires pulling a trailer with hay. I think the burro at the tail end of the train was rather happy for his spot.

I see all kinds of irony in this shot. A rather rustic wagon with the traditional wooden wagon wheels and tarp rolled in front of the screen of the local drive-in movie theater followed by the Ford dealership. You almost need a western playing on the screen to complete the scene.

The wagon train had about 6 wagons and they moved too fast for me to take more pictures. They are headed to the famous mountain pass where the pioneers either went north to Oregon or south to California. Ack! And now I can't think of the name of it. BTW, in the foreground is my neighbors yard decorations consisting of old wagon gear, probably from old horse-pulled farm equipment.

Parting shot: The start of the radish harvest. This is about all I have been able to get into the ground because of our cold and wet spring.

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