July 03, 2008

Still kicking the tires...

My Ubuntu system has been up and running for a few days and I have to say that I really like it! Still I miss some of the programs I had. I miss my fancy fonts and I have to figure out how to replace them. Oh well... Moral of the story, do frequent backups.

I have been entering my ledgers into GnuCash - similar to Quickbooks and very nice. Then there is Inkscape (vector drawing), Scribus (desktop publishing), OpenOffice (love it!), and Gimp (photo editor and still trying to learn). So many more programs to learn. None are terribly hard to use, they just take some adjustment.

In the mean time if you want some good reading material, these two blog entries talk about marketing for online shops. I really need to plan better promotions and try to do something every two weeks. Time to get the calendar out! I promise design related blogs next week when I have my feet on the ground.

Parting shot courtesy of Gimp and Mr. Chipmunk. I have seen a lot more wildlife around the house this year. This little guy let me get really close to him!

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