August 07, 2008

Copyright Law Expansion

I have followed a blog on copyright law and how it affects businesses, individuals, and artists for some time now. William Patry has decided to end his blog and I guess I can understand his reasons. Adding his credentials (including his work for google) into his profile gave him a voice of authority that made people sit up and listen. But his blog was not endorsed by Google and people were confusing his authority as one who speaks for Google in copyright matters. So the blog had to end. Very sad.

I can't (or won't) disclose all of the reasons for my interest in copyright laws or enforcement on this blog. One reason is the movement to expand copyright protection to fashion design - a move that I oppose. Things are already getting difficult with licensed fabric prints and I am not talking about Disney characters here. Some fabric print designers are trying to control the end use of their prints (silly when many fabric designs are based off vintage, public domain works and it is a simple dot or stripe).

Anyway, maybe some of you disagree with me and I can understand. Copyright laws are supposed to protect the artist, or so they say. I have my doubts, even as an artist that it really does that. In any event I have found myself moving more and more to the Copyleft movement.

Anyway, I am saddened by the end of William Patry's blog.

This is probably one of my more controversial postings and, believe me, I didn't write my strongest opinions on the matter. The current IP atmosphere is hostile and it is easy for random people to claim infringement on the stupidest things. It certainly puts a damper on creativity.

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