August 21, 2008

More blankets are coming...

The Summer Flowers hemstitched and Princess hemstitched blanket kits sold fast. There are still some burp cloths available in those styles. Here is a sneak peak of some blankets that will be available early next week. Limited quantities again. I have flannel fabric on order and it won't arrive until the end of September so stay tuned for when it arrives...

In the Design Loft I have tried to work on my long stalled 4-6x sizes. The basic bodice is done and graded. I'm now working on the sleeves. I'll be able to offer my dresses from 3M-6x soon! On the MP3 player, I just finished listening to The History of the Catholic Church by Thomas Madden. Very interesting but not as in depth as I had hoped.

Parting shot: The reason the blog has been so silent is because I am in the middle of finishing up a huge remodel project before the weather turns too cold. The bath remodel turned into re-plumbing the whole house project. It was one of those we might as well do it with the bath walls all open kind of projects. The plumbing job turned into updating the family room because the plumbers had to cut into drywall. Yikes! So many details left to do. I have been painting and painting and painting. I have to say those Diynetwork girls have nothing on me. You just have to laugh when they walk around in their designer duds and flip flops and never have a speck of paint on them. This is as real as it gets!

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