September 11, 2008

Slightly new logo

2 months ago my computer died. I lost some of my files, including the high resolution version of my logo. I had saved it in layers so I could change things around easily. I was left with the logo on my web server, which was not useful for printing. I also lost my business cards, hang tags, and the original font. This is the logo as it looks at the store:

I have spent the last week recreating my logo with a new font. The logo above is a low resolution jpg and I recreated it below as a SVG (scalable vector graphic) in Inkscape. I cleaned up some of the colors and simiplified the roses. The font is new too - the best looking, free font that I could find. I think I like it better.

I still have some minor tweaks to do and I think it will be done. What do you think?

(In case anyone is wondering why the Blog has been so quiet, I have been fighting a cold. Plus I have been trying to play catch up with the harvest in the garden and grading in the design loft. More posts coming soon!)

1 comment:

  1. I think your new logo looks crisp and clean. I like the new font and the picture is cleaner as well.