October 02, 2008

Quilt blocks in the Design Loft

I have started on my holiday dress for Holiday 2008. I admit I am behind and I was hoping to have samples this week. I am really excited to put it together. Unfortunately, I didn't have any thread to match. Doh! In the mean time I am working on the patterns and playing with my fabric stash...

I had two basic problems. The first is I needed a creative break. I work on dresses (or baby blankets) just about every day and it all starts to look the same, KWIM? The other problem I have is a huge stash of flannel scraps. I save bits and pieces from customers blankets. Most customers don't want their fabric scraps. The pieces are just big enough to save but too small to do much with. I *hate* throwing fabric away.

Anyway, I have this quilt recipe book:

I really like this book because the math is already done. Just follow the cutting diagrams or use the templates and you end up with really nice looking 9 inch blocks. If you know of another quilt recipe book, please let me know!

Anyway, I pulled out my flannel fabric stash and made up a couple of blocks:

What do you think? I only need about 9-12 blocks for a baby throw....

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