November 18, 2008

I need to take a step forward

There is a lot more behind today's blog entry than I can explain right now. Suffice to say I am working on a new business and project. Perhaps the hardest thing is deciding on a brand name. The other is dealing with what is happening in the industry. Two recent articles at the Fashion Incubator hit home. Overwhelmed? and How to create brand names that stick are exactly where I am at.

I have spent a bit of time trying to come up with a great brand name. It needs to envelope an idea or concept that I can build on. It needs to be simple and meaningful. Ha! Not so easy. The brand name also needs to be an internet domain name. Most of what I have come up with is already taken. That means using something made up or a combination of words. I could ask your opinion on my short list but then I would have to explain my plan. I am not ready to do that. I need to make a decision so I can take a step forward. Instead I am stuck banging my head on the wall. Arg!

BTW, I noticed an error with the blog. If you clicked on the subscribe button in your FireFox or IE toolbar, the subscription would fail. I think I have fixed it and fixed my blog stats which was also affected. I guess I have more readers than I realized since I noticed a huge jump today in subscribers. Anyway, things are working now.


  1. Hi Esther! I've been MIA almost everywhere online but I do keep an eye on what you're up to and have to thank you for the CPSIA heads up you've given out. A disaster!!! but we'll see how this pans out for our company. I'm sorry you've had to make the tough decisions you've had to make but I feel confident that you've thought it through and are doing the best thing for you and your family.

    Naming your new endeavors: I know we must be serious about this, I know. I probably really messed up when I named our little company Hello Wood Products but I had two companies: one wholesale and the other retail with 2 entirely different customer bases and only one phone line. The only thing I knew for sure I would say is "Hello!". That was 18 years ago and somehow that unexpected name has been remembered in our niche market and hasn't proved to be a hindrance. So, I can only suggest a trying serendipitous slant on your new project and send best wishes your way. Happy Thanksgiving!

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