November 26, 2008

Mothballed - No, not really

I was going to write a slightly humorous entry on mothballs. I am attempting to use them to get Chip and Dale to move out. Doesn't seem to be working as they have just dug new holes and pushed them out of the way. My window wells have turned into toxic dumps and the chipmunks are just too smart. I may have to resort to buying expensive traps and driving them out into the forest. Arg!

I will be closing my store effective December 4th. The required testing of the CPSIA and my budget just don't work. What can I say? I know other children's clothing companies are facing the exact same dilemma and they were doing much better than I was. No worries I started working on a back-up plan back in September in case the store gig didn't work anymore. The plans are being developed now and I think it will be better for me. CAD and tech design is what I am good at even if I get bored with it. If it pays the bills, though, that is what I need to do. Announcements when it is ready will come later.

Anyway. This is the time to be thankful. Especially for a blogging friend's daughter. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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