December 31, 2008

Baby boy quilt block

I have lots of baby blue flannel scraps. Problem is they are all relatively close in color. A scrappy quilt needs contrast between light, mediums, and darks. This particular block works with mostly mediums, which is what I have. I really wanted to do a log cabin, but maybe later. I like this block though and I think it will work out nice. I have a lot of the outer triangle fabric, but maybe not enough to place it on every block. This baby quilt will be larger than the last. I only did 9 of the pink. This one will need 16-20 for a crib size. We'll see.... keeping things open.

On the business side, I was pressuring myself to come up with a new business and store in a very short time. I realized that was crazy. So I am taking a step back and really looking at what will truly make money and how to accomplish my goals. Even if the CPSIA transforms into something sensible, there will be a huge fallout. I am anticipating a smaller b2b customer base so the idea of being a service provider is on the back burner for at least another year. That means coming up with something else. I have ideas but it requires learning new skills. I think I can do it but it will take time. A lot of it.

I know I am not being specific. Hmmm. Let's just say I am learning how to program in C++. I am on day 6 of a 21 Day program and it has taken me over two months. I hope to accelerate that over the next couple of weeks.

Sounds like a New Year's resolution? I guess it is. They say to be successful with goals, one needs to write them down, create a plan, and start today. Ha! I am never that organized. The goals float around in my head until I start them. Good thing I started the C++ book in November.

I am still trying to figure out how to stay in touch with my inner designer. I plan on spoiling my nieces. Design related blogs will still be forthcoming....

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