December 19, 2008

I have a huge bag of flannel scraps. They are mostly pink and blue left overs from the blankets I hemstitched for local customers. I think it turned out pretty well - though small. It might make a cute wall hanging. The next version will be larger I think. I may try a log cabin version. I am not certain what to do with it since it will be classified as a hazardous substance in February. I can't sell it or donate it (which was my initial plan). Gift giving may be banned too...blackmarket, anyone?

I have put my new CAD business on the back burner for the time being. I am still trying to figure it out -- I don't know if I will make all that much money off of it. My larger goal is to start an opensource CAD project for the industry. I have to bone up on C++ programming, which is not something I have looked at in many, many years. So I am taking a complete break until after the new year when I hope to have a clearer head. BTW, my eye doctor said I have Computer Vision Syndrome. That made me laugh, but it is a real thing.

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