January 30, 2009

Library CPSIA presentation

Below is my outline for the library board presentation I am doing next week. If you didn't know, library board meetings are public meetings and anyone can be placed on the agenda and/or attend a meeting. Most people don't realize this, but you can do a presentation as well. I have extended invitations to the librarians of the local school district. There will be a city council member, banker, insurance representatives, school board members and other prominent community members in attendance. I will be speaking off the cuff since the meetings are general informal and I will know most of the people that will be there.

If you are doing your own presentation to a governing board of a library, school district, or city council, please feel free to borrow this.

Library Presentation on CPSIA and libraries.

Date: February 3rd, 5:30 pm

Purpose: To inform the Soda Springs Public Library Board, Friends of the Library and members of the community about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and how it affects libraries.

Documents to have on hand:

  1. Copy of section 101 and 102 of CPSIA

  2. Falvey opinion on books being included in the CPSIA.

  3. Picture of an XRF testing gun

  4. Samples of books that could pose a problem from the library

    1. Board books w/plastic components

    2. Vinyl covers or spines

    3. Books circa 1950

    4. Soft books with foam

    5. Stapled books

    6. Spiral bound

    7. Glitter

  5. ALA Call to Action.

  6. Handout with congressional contacts

Discussion Points.

  1. Brief overview of the CPSIA

    1. Signed into law August 2008

    2. Children 12 and younger

    3. Scope of products affected

      1. Toys, apparel, bicycles, computers, crayons, paper, books, textbooks, etc.

    4. Testing requirements

      1. Lead and pthalate bans

      2. XRF until August 2009

      3. 3rd party testing starting August 2009

      4. Average cost $500 and would destroy book

  2. Falvey opinion on books

      1. Lead ban is retroactive

      2. Law does apply to books, even those already on the shelf.

      3. Review book samples

1. What the CPSIA means for:

      1. Library Book Sales

      2. Summer Reading giveaways

      3. Story time activities

    1. ALA's interpretation of closing children's section or banning children 12 & younger

      1. ALA's actions to date

    2. Issue a Call to Action and encourage a planned response to the February 10th deadline.

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