February 13, 2009

Monty Python fabric?

I saw this fabric print come through the Design Loft recently and had to take a picture of it. It made me immediately think of Wacky Hermit (aka Sarah Natividad of Curious Workmanship, master baby bootie maker) and her sense of humor.

And for those who may be curious, I am still hemstitching baby blankets for local customers. Technically, the customers are the manufacturers and I am the contractor and they would be responsible for CPSIA compliance. They merely pay me for my labor and they supply all of the materials accept thread. Truthfully, it is a grey area, but very few of my customers resell their blankets. Most end up being given to grandkids, nieces, and nephews, or as baby shower gifts. If I know my customers intend on selling their blankets, then I would advise them of the law. So call me scofflaw, if you choose. I hardly make enough money to make it worth my time, but it does pay a few bills....

A shout out to Walter Olsen of Overlawyered who has mentioned a couple of my blog entries and tweets about CPSIA compliance issues. BTW, my local library has pretty much ignored the CPSIA. We "won't comply, because we can't." I am not entirely sure what the annual Summer Reading program will be like, though it will probably be very different from past years with fewer prizes. Amazingly enough, I am still meeting librarians who have not heard one thing about this law. One in Hawaii that handles a special collection of materials for the hearing and vision impaired was aghast at what she would have to remove from her shelves. Many librarians belong to ALA but certainly not all. I don't because I don't agree with their stand on many issues. Despite that, the ALA influences my job because they influence my librarian peers. So if ALA decides CPSIA only applies to books and not libraries, that is the position most libraries will take. It's an odd stand since libraries are warehouses for books that are distributed (indirectly or directly) for money. Anyway, stay tuned for more developments....

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