March 03, 2009

Bookmaking pt. 2

More waiting. I tried backing fabric with paper and wheat paste (using flour). I have never tried this and so no need to show step-by-step when I am experimenting and learning. I am not sure it worked because I used a light weight paper (medical examination paper) for the backing. I may try it again with some heavier paper. The results will be posted tomorrow.

Anyway, I will post some links to tutorials and youtube videos that helped me figure out how to back the fabric when I have results worth talking about. I have learned that you can buy methyl cellulose for paste and it is available at the Olde Home Depot's wallpaper department. I have bought wheat paste from art suppliers but it is very, very pricey. Definitely going to stock up when I head to town next. One thing that has left me confused. Some say methyl cellulose is not archival, some say it is, some say it is reversible, some say it is not. More reading to do...

While I wait for the fabric to dry I have some new goodies to read. My birthday books arrived and I am very excited about them. DH looked at the book on spinning and asked, "Are you going to make your own yarn?" when he actually meant, "Are you starting ANOTHER hobby?" I just had to laugh...

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