October 08, 2009

More hemstitching and a decision

Every now and then I get to hemstitch vintage embroidered linens. This time I remembered to take a picture. This a linen center piece with embroidered flower baskets. I was able to hemstitch the outer edge, though I was a bit nervous to stitch so close to the embroidery. The owner will trim close to the hemstitching and then add a pretty crocheted edging.

I haven't updated my blog recently, and not for lack of ideas to write about. I was trying to work out in my head what to say, because as a designer, and artist I have evolved. I had intended on writing this long essay justifying and explaining where I am now. But I decided that you, my readers, might not care. But that leaves this blog and what to do with it. Originally, I focused much of my blogging to the technical aspects of children's clothing design, especially pattern making and grading. While I am still doing some of that, I am doing more. I now introduce myself as a fashion designer, librarian, and book artist because I make my living doing all three.

My design loft is where I create and explore those three areas. I still make patterns, sew, craft, and now create books. So it makes sense to explore those things in the Design Loft Blog as well. I hope that those who followed this blog originally for children's design info will find my book craft interesting and will stick around. Fair warning, I may post new listings in my Etsy book shop. In any event, that's it. Now back to regularly scheduled (or as things happen) blogging.

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