November 03, 2009

A dress for a special niece

Yesterday, I made my first girl's dress since shutting down Prairie Roses a year ago. I am so glad that I kept detailed style sheets and pattern specs. It's so easy to whip something out in a couple of hours without having to think a whole lot about it. I am making a collection of outfits for my newest niece, who is about 6 months old. This set is sized 2T because I thought it would be more fun for her to be able to twirl in her new dress. Still to come is a skirt(s?), top, pants, and a hat and maybe a jumper all made from these coordinating prints.

The flower is made of gathered strips of fabric left raw. Hot glue a button to the center and a pinback on the reverse side and voila! I'm still trying to decide the best place for it. But with the pinback, it can float among all the pieces in the collection.


  1. I do hope you later decide to resurrect Prairie Roses. You've made my niece's most favorite dresses. In fact, my SIL uses the frog dress as a carrot with her daughter. She can get her to mind or do anything if she's allowed to wear that dress (again). My niece was baptized in one of them and inspired my SIL to style everyone else's garments to match that dress for the event. Another dress was used in the family's annual portrait (ditto on the styling everyone's garments to match thing).

    After a year of CONSTANT wear, they still fit, colors are bright and the garments remain well constructed.

    Esther's products are not Wal-Mart priced, but they are an outstanding value. As far as my SIL is concerned, I rule. It is my personal and professional opinion that a consumer could not err in purchasing one of Esther's garments for their child.

  2. Thank you for the nice comments! Who knows, I may bring it back, but not for a while. I am still waiting for the CPSIA to settle down...