January 29, 2010

Bookbinding: Scripture Journals for 30+ kids

I am partly responsible for the religious education of 30+ kids every Sunday. This week the kids will be learning to read, think, and write about a scripture. For this they needed a scripture journal. I could either buy some cheap composition books or donate materials and make them. I made them - all 32.

Step 1: Cut and fold the cardstock covers and interior pages. I donated some textured cardstock that I didn't want to use for other projects. Hopefully I have enough...


Step 2: Punch each booklet.

Step 3: Sew!


Step 4: Trim.

Step 5: Stamp each one with a title. My stamp was a little wobbly, but it gives the journals that shabby-chic look (at least that's what I tell myself).

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    How did you sew the books? Also, did you use a regular one hole punch?