May 18, 2010

Baby booties and a little painting

Just off the needles are these baby booties. I liked how they turned out, so I will return to this pattern again. I made these for that last minute baby shower invitation that always seems to come two days before the event. On the needles is a coordinating newborn hat to go along with these.

In the meantime, the reason it has been so quiet on the blog is that I am redoing the guest room. The Design Loft still needs to be re-done, but my guests needed a nicer room first. Our "guest" room was decorated as a kids room for the previous owners boys. It was complete with trees (concrete column forms and felt palm fronds), wallpaper borders and paint.

Here's a fuzzy before.

The room turned temporarily Neapolitan with it's ice cream colors. The white stuff on the walls is a new texture being applied. I am not great at texturing, but anything would have been better than what the previous owners had done.

The new paint colors. Definitely earthy (thanks Martha!). The white ended up with more grey than I would have liked. But once it's all done, it looks ok. If I get sick of the grey-white, I may lighten it up in a few years. For the moment, this project has kept me super busy and tired. Did I mention I textured all of the walls in one day, by myself? More pictures will come when I finally finish.

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