July 23, 2010

More government regulations coming via #CPSIA

Just a quick update on the current implementation of the CPSIA. I have had trouble keeping up with all of the testing requirements because it has become too complex. I do subscribe to the email list released by the CPSC and rules are coming fast for durable products, rugs, and whatever else I can't remember. Some time back the CPSC exempted third party testing for most textile products and allowed a certain amount of component testing under certain vacuous conditions. Vinyl and coated textiles, including screen prints, still need to be tested for example. Children's clothing designers sighed with relief because that eliminated a large chunk of the testing requirements.

BUT, this will change. Nancy Nord implied on her blog that there will be more regulations coming, including for children's clothing.

We will soon be asked to consider a similar regulation for “youth” mattresses. Currently we have in place a comprehensive flammability testing regime unanimously approved by the Commission in 2006. This very rigorous testing regime would be disrupted by new third party testing requirements. Similar issues will come up with respect to children’s wearing apparel and sleepwear.

I don't know exactly what this means and what is coming. I sense it has to do with the expiration of the exemptions in February 2011. All I can say is stay tuned.

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