January 07, 2011

Grimm's fairy tales

I've been working on the repair of this library book for months. My workspace at the library is about 1' x 2' and it is just too small to work comfortably. I really can't leave things out to dry either. The repairs weren't difficult, I just couldn't get to it. I finally brought this book home to finish up.

The first two pages of the book were damaged from use and poor repairs of the past. I scanned in the pages and printed them out. I'm not entirely sure how archival this is, but I believe the paper is acid free and it should give the book new life for many years. I sewed new end pages on and tightened up a few loose sections.

Checkout this funky illustration.

The original covers were red with gold stamping. Unfortunately they could not be saved. The original bookboard was in good condition so I ripped off the old cloth and reused the boards. The library has no supply of new bookboard, nor anywhere to store it. Anyway, the new covers look pretty snazzy and the book has been re-released into the wild.

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