March 23, 2011

Gluten free Irish soda bread

I learned about 6 months ago that I needed to change my diet to a gluten-free diet due to gluten intolerance caused by endometriosis. Eating gluten free is not a cure but it has relieved many of my symptoms. I feel so much better - so much so that I didn't know how bad I had been feeling. I describe it like someone turning on a light in my head. Anyway, if you want to know more about gluten intolerance and endometriosis, I am happy to answer any questions. This transition partly explains why the blog has been so quiet. I promise to get back to more about sewing, pattern making, design, book making, or whatever else I'm in the middle of. I may throw in a few yummy gluten-free recipes as I find them.

I have been learning how to bake again. The challenge is living in a small town without access to many gluten free baking essentials and the high cost of what is available. Anyway, Gluten-free baking classics by Annalise G. Roberts is a must have. The book has gluten-free versions of most of the baked goods that gluten-free eaters miss most. There are recipes for cakes, muffins, breads, and flat breads and the ingredients are not too exotic. The price is also a good buy compared to others. I've reviewed a few gluten-free recipe books and the authors try to trademark the name of their particular gluten free flour mix (annoying, to say the least) or the recipes use expensive ingredients (like almond flour). The only downfall for this book is that it is not spiral bound, but for the price and usefulness, it's not a big deal.

From this recipe book, I tried the Irish soda bread. I thought it turned out pretty yummy, though DH thought it was a bit bland. I substituted craisins and slivered almonds for the raisins and caraway seeds.

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  1. I need to start using more of Bob's mill gluten free flours and stuff. This sounds Good!