July 24, 2011

Desperate for a gluten free chocolate chip cookie pt. 2

A good friend came to my rescue with a chocolate chip cookie recipe that worked. As a refresher, I needed a high-altitude recipe because I live at 6,000 ft and nearly every adaptation I tried resulted in flat crispy wafers. Here is the before (version 12, I think):

And here is a friend of a friend's recipe.

And they taste pretty darn good! I think the adaptation in this recipe will work in others. So before I post the recipe, I'm going to try it with other recipes.

1. Most bakers recommend spooning the flour into the measuring cup and then leveling it off - precision is key to success. Even better is to use a recipe that relies on weights versus volume for the dry ingredients as Alton Brown does. BUT, I have been grinding some of my own flour and my flour may not be the same as the recipe writers. In any event, this particular recipe recommends mounding the flour in the cup rather than leveling it off. I think this adds almost 1/2 cup more flour.

2. The recipe calls for 1 small box of instant vanilla pudding. I think this one adaptation was the key. I had begun looking at the possibility that perhaps the recipe needed an extra binder, such as flax seed meal. Prior tests show that the cookie was holding together, but barely. Even though the xanthan gum was doing it's job of holding things together, the recipe needed that extra something. I'm not sure if the pudding was acting as an extra binder or thickener, but it seemed to hold the cookie together better. Pudding is mostly cornstarch and sugar, with a few extra ingredients to aid in thickening and flavor. In any event, it made a big difference.

One comfort food down, many more to come. I'm currently struggling with gluten free bread recipes...

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