August 25, 2011

So I started a blouse pt. 1

Two months ago.

The point of the project was to find a basic blouse pattern that I could turn into basic blocks for future blouse making. I traced off an older Burda pattern with basic lines and two sleeve options. I adjusted the sleeve cap so there was almost no ease. After cutting and sewing all but the sleeves, I tried it on and it fit pretty good. But, there was one glaring styling problem.

The original pattern was for a convertible collar with a full, turn back facing. I really did not like how the facing showed through the fabric. Plus it is too formal a style for the types of blouses I was thinking of -- 90% of the blouses I wear have a simple button placket like the one in my picture. I eliminated the full facing and went with the simple shirt placket and happily stitched on the collar.

It just didn't look good. A simple shirt placket needs a two piece collar - the kind with a collar stand. So the collar had to come off.

And this is where I've left it. Not from lack of motivation as much as lack of time. Summer DIY projects caught up with me and I'm just now pulling it back out. Though truth be told, it will still be a few weeks.

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