September 15, 2011

Fixing a thrift store sweater

I found a very cute cardigan at Goodwill. It was priced higher because it was still new with tags. The price hurt a bit for something from a thrift store.... Anyway, DH and I are in the habit of washing anything purchased at a thrift store before wearing it. Does anyone else notice that thrift store smell on clothes? The cardigan was labeled dry clean, but it is 100% cotton. I had every intention of running it through the hand wash cycle on the washer but somehow it went through a regular load of laundry.

The sweater survived, for the most part. The biggest mishap was with the button bands, which pulled away from the main body of the sweater. To fix this, I carefully stuffed the body of the sweater back in between the button bands and pinned. I then stitched the entire length of the button band/body seam with a narrow zig-zag. I even managed to do it on the button side without having to pull off any buttons. The sweater is a very fine gauge knit and I wanted to save the rest of it from pulling out over time. The repair is hardly noticeable, except in these over exposed photos. You can also see all the lint the sweater picked up in the wash.

So while the sweater is 100% cotton, it didn't shrink or bleed AFAIK. It just couldn't stand up to the agitation of a washing machine, thus the dry clean care instructions. Now, if I can only keep it separated from the rest of the laundry, we might be good to go for a long time.

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