September 20, 2011

My February Lady Sweater pt. 3

This is the progress I've made. I had about 4 inches of the yoke done when I decided I better check my measurements. It was too big - like 8 inches too big in circumference. I had to go back and check all my math and found one significant error. I ripped it all out and tried again. The picture above is attempt number 2.

The safety pin indicates the front facing side. You can also see the condition of the yarn. The yarn is unspun plies, I guess. I'm still learning about yarn. From what I've read, this is typical of yarns for machine knitting, as this yarn came from a sweater that was commercially manufactured. It hasn't been too bad to hand knit with but I do have to pay attention. It's very easy to split the yarn. I love these needles. I'm not sure, but I think these are Addi Turbos. They could be Susan Bates quicksilver. I'm not sure because I picked up 90% of my needles at a thrift store and I vaguely remember one set being Addi Turbos (which had to have been a steal considering their brand new prices). In any event, they are slick and the stitches just run smooth off the needles. Unfortunately, I will have to switch to a longer cable needle to continue knitting as the sweater grows.

I double checked my measurements on attempt number 2 and I was still 8 inches too big in circumference. I had to go back and check my math again.

This time my math was correct but my starting point was wrong. I had measured the neck of a cardigan that fit me well and used that as my "neck" measurement. The Incredible Custom Fit Raglan specifically instructs you to measure your neck, not the neck of a sweater. So, I had to start over yet again. Attempt number 3, the finished neck was 1 inch too small. I ripped it out once again and increased my neck size. The finished neck size on attempt number 4 matched the cardigan I was using as my fit sample.

So this is where I am, about the same place as in the picture above.


  1. Kudos on sticking with it! I've had to rip, check math and start over more than once since I took up knitting again. I keep telling myself it is a learning experience and that I won't make the same mistakes a second time. We'll see.

    I picked up a lot of Addi Turbos when my LYS closed its doors. All of them have tiny printing on the cables that indicate the brand, size, and length. That might help in identifying yours.

  2. I just wanted to add that I noticed my Addi Turbo size 0 needle does not have info printed on its cable. Instead, it has a small '2' printed on one needle. This represents 2mm, which is US size 0. Just another clue that may help identify the brand of needle you have.